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Subdividing – Musical Math

Duración: 12 minutosAutor: Isabel WardComplejidad: Fácil

In this lesson you'll learn about subdividing, dividing your beats into sections, resulting in smaller and faster notes.

Introduction to Rhythm

Duración: 14 minutosAutor: Isabel Ward

Some say the most recognizable parts of music are the melody and harmony. But the thing that brings music to life is the "Rhythm" — It truly is the Heartbeat of Music. Rhythm works behind the scenes to set a foundation from which harmony and melody can shine, by establishing and building upon "the beat."

Your Friend, the Triad

Duración: 8 minutosAutor: Isabel WardComplejidad: Fácil

A triad is a 3-note chord, the most basic kind of chord. In this video you'll learn how to create a triad and play every chord in the key of C.

The Key of C

Duración: 11 minutosAutor: Isabel WardComplejidad: Fácil

Chords are groups of notes that form harmony. Most songs follow the same, basic chord formulas, and we’ve broken them down here for you to learn.

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